WHY Account Based Marketing – ABM?


WHY Account Based Marketing – ABM?

Put your efforts, time, and resources where most of your future revenue comes from. Do your best performing Enterprise sales stars a favour: give them extra resources to develop relationships and pursue their most valuable accounts.

Give them the tools and information to make a substantial impact. Help them win the trust of all key decision-makers.

Depending on your business type, the top 20% of your clients may account for as much as 80% of your revenue. Are you sure you know what your ideal customers look like and how they behave?

Are you familiar with all individual decision-makers within those accounts, and their preference for engaging with you? If so, are you developing and maintaining relationships with them to retain and grow their business with you?

And, the 1 million (or more) dollar question: Are you making enough concentrated effort to pursue prospects who closely resemble your best/ highest value clients?

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