What we do

Redvantage is the Account-Based Growth (ABM/ABX) partner for B2B Enterprise Sales & Marketing teams in global SaaS companies based in Australia and NZ.


Specialising in 1:1 and 1:Few ABM/ABX, we help Key account reps ENGAGE, WIN, GROW & RETAIN their Strategic, high-value accounts.


We work closely with your Enterprise sales to help them accelerate revenue growth in your Strategic, high-value accounts by deeply engaging the entire decision-making committee, shortening complex sales cycles and delivering on revenue goals.


Why Redvantage:


Account and market expertise
Our team has 20+ years of experience working across verticals such as Financial Services, Healthcare, Telecoms, Utilities, Retail, and Government. We understand the nuances and pressures decision-makers face in these verticals in the APAC/ANZ region.


Proven methodology
We follow a structured, research-driven approach to account-based growth, utilising our 12-step ABM framework. It includes meticulous account intelligence research – mapping out the broad decision-making committee, uncovering each stakeholder’s priorities, and understanding the account’s strategic objectives. Armed with relevant insights, we craft compelling value propositions that directly align your solutions to address the account’s goals and create meaningful impact. Even in B2B, people buy from people, so this tailored approach delivers the best results when it comes to engagement and relationships.


Dedicated partnership and support for your Enterprise sales team
With Redvantage, you get a dedicated team operating as an extension of your Enterprise sales. We delight in becoming a trusted partner that your Key account reps rely on to continuously uncover new insights, ideas and opportunities within your strategic, complex, high-value accounts. We’re committed to helping you build deeper relationships, foster trust, and ultimately achieve your revenue goals.


Trusted results
Since 2018, Redvantage has helped build ABM/ABX Pilots and long-term programs within global SaaS companies: Informatica, SAS, CoreLogic, Smart Communications, Sitecore and more.


Accelerate revenue from your Strategic, most valuable accounts. Partner with Redvantage, the proven experts in Account-Based Growth.